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Steve Gray & Judy Sheggrud

Steve Gray has been a life-long resident of Camarillo and is a fifth generation Ventura County resident. He has been a part of the growth of Camarillo from a small rural town of some 3,000 to the wonderful city it is today. Steve is especially proud to be Rotarian for over 10 years and has been active in many youth education and sports programs. Steve’s specialty in real estate is as a result of his background as a businessman and executive. He has owned two businesses, for 17 years been the executive director of an international non-profit association, the chief financial officer of two related for profit businesses and for 10 years a magazine publisher before pursuing a career in real estate. He also served on the board of directors for two real estate developments and acted as president of one. Judy Sheggrud has been a resident of Camarillo moving here in 1964 when the population was only 12,000. Judy was very active in community youth programs both as a coach for AYSO and a board member. Most currently Judy is on the board for Ambers Light Lions Club. Her specialty in real estate is unique marketing with friendly, responsive service and an emphasis on integrity. Her approach to real estate came from her background of over 30 years in bank management. She is well known and respected by her past clients and co-workers. During her banking career she was awarded California Service Manage of the Year, was President and Treasure of the bank’s National Speaking Club and was producer of the National Speak-Off Competition. Judy is the mother of two girls, Jami and Julie. Steve and Judy became associate brokers in 2004 and since have been involved in over 400 real estate transaction. As well as being experienced agents Steve has been a real estate investor for over 35 years and has studied the various trends and cycle in the industry. Together with their strong financial, extensive business and community experience, coupled with a strong commitment to integrity and ethics make them an outstanding choice for selling your home or assisting with the purchase of your next.    
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